Assistance in VAT & Accounting

VAT was introduced by the UAE government on January 1, 2018. It was implemented to most of the goods and services at a 5% rate. There are certain sectors completely exempt from VAT such as transportation, real estate, financial services. If you have a new business in Dubai, you might feel overwhelmed by the VAT obligations. We can understand that you may not have all the required information if you have just started. VAT accounting is a rigorous process and we make it possible with meticulous documentation. Golden Fortune provides assistance in VAT in Dubai. We guide you throughout the entire process and prevent you from making costly errors. We carefully handle each aspect of VAT for excellence.

Assistance in Accounting in Dubai

Businesses in Dubai are required to follow the Accounting Standards. Despite the absence of federal tax on income and wages, it is inevitable to create a reliable accounting structure. You have to follow the standard accounting practices for producing accurate information and analysis required for strategic decision-making. Accounting statements represent the true and fair view of your company and hence should be accurate. There are additional requirements for filing audited financial statements. Shareholders also need to hold accounts.

Why choose Golden Fortune for Assistance in VAT & Accounting

We are committed entirely to your welfare and provide every possible help pertaining to VAT & Accounting. Here are the factors that make us stand out from the competition.

VAT determination & Filing: We undertake the complete process precisely. We prepare all the required documents and save your time.

Accounting & Bookkeeping: Our financial consultants guide you in preparing various books for keeping your business on a sound financial note.

Transparency: We believe in disclosing complete information. Along with that, we provide you every bit of your transactions with us. We provide assistance in VAT & Accounting in Dubai and ensure there are no hidden fees involved.